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By KEZ Sharrow

Scattered Petals, Shadowed Sea

A Shoal of Sea Dragons. A Song of Healing. A Destiny to Fulfill

Snatched up by a sea dragon, Lani is taken to a tropical island deep in enemy territory. Riders discover she can communicate telepathically with their sea dragons, and won’t let her leave. Lani apprentices to a local shaman until it becomes clear she needs to know and be much more if she is to survive and return home.

A capricious wind god, blood-sworn assassins, and her reckless twin stand between Lani and her destiny as healer of people and dragons. If she continues to blindly follow the plans of others, her powers may be used to destroy her homeland. As the thunderheads of war darken, will this hydrophobic princess find courage enough to take the reins of a sea dragon army and save her people?

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We’re excited that “Scattered Petals, Shadowed Sea” will hit the stores on 1 October, 2023! You can play an important role in getting the word out so we can put this hopeful fantasy story into the hands of as many teens as possible. Team members will buy the book on its launch date, read and review it, and share about it with their circle. Together, we’ll get creative, build momentum and bring joy to teen readers!