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Makarian Tales

Scattered Petals, Shadowed Sea



A Shoal of Sea Dragons. A Song of Healing. A Destiny to Fulfill.


The dark waters heaved. Lani couldn’t take the next step. Waves hissed greedily toward her. Pricks of moonlight glittered over shadowy waves.


On the sandbank the sea dragon mewled again, its pain curling Lani’s toes. She fumbled in her pouch for easeleaf and threttleweed, but what could this pitiful handful of herbs do for so great a creature?


A song echoed over the ocean. Daughter of Elyah, healer of dragons…

Other Tales

A desperate enemy seeks to destroy the blessed realm. Each novel depicts the battle on a different front, following the paths of one family and their struggle to hold onto faith and hope.

Dragon Swift, Ocean Dark

A first-time ambassador hides his identity as a sea dragon rider to win a treaty and a princess.

snowy summit, fiery sky

An uncertain healer journeys to the mountains with her suicidal guard in search of her true home.

dragon shadow, hidden dawn

A new emperor must work with his opposite to defend against a seductive dragon.

rushing water, raging falls

An angry princess races assassins to return to the family who sent her away.


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